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ShapeUp ShowDown: First group workout

(WMC-TV) – Our ShapeUp ShowDown contestants had their first group workout this weekend and things got pretty intense as the group exercised in a manner usually reserved for professional boxers: starting with several one-minute rounds of jump rope, followed by shadow boxing and more.

44-year-old, City of Memphis employee, Glenn Vaulx. Jr. was at a good fighting weight of 178 pounds when he married his wife 17 years ago.

He's still happily married, but in need of some fancy footwork to make the needed changes in his weight and health.

Glenn says he signed up for the ShapeUp challenge on his wife's birthday, which led her to tell him it was the best gift he could ever give her.

The father of two teenagers, 15 and 16 years old, says he also hopes his new routine will lead to a one-two punch that directly impacts his kids.

"I'm really trying to improve myself so I can be around for them, years to come," he says and adds, "I wanna see them live their lives and I would like to be there to share it with them. And right now, I wouldn't make it very long, probably."

Glenn and the other nine contestants made it through the first work out, and are now feeling the effects of increasingly more intense workouts in the ShapeUp ShowDown challenge.

In addition to the 10 challengers who are working out together in a group, there are also some "at home" contestants who are also trying to manage their weight loss regimen.

We've posted a video sent in by one of our "at home" contestants and plan to post more throughout this 90 day challenge.

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