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N. MS residents elect school board members for first time in years

(WMC-TV) - For the first time in years some North Mississippi residents elected school board members.

The state of Mississippi took over Tate County schools after problems with accreditation and financial issues.

In Coldwater, Mississippi JoAnn Jackson voted for a new school board Tuesday.

"I just hope we can vote for the right people in school board to control the money," she said.

About five years ago Tate County Schools were in a financial mess and at risk of failing. The state took over about 2,800 kids going to schools in Coldwater, Independence, and Strayhorn.

"They had some financial problems and there was some academic problems. I think everything is pretty much stable now and I think we can move in the right direction," said Coldwater resident Wayne King.

The district received a B rating last year, and the state is giving control back to the people. Jackson hopes a new board will make changes like separating high school students and elementary school students from the same campus.

"For the safety of the small kids. You know how the bullying is in schools and everything. I really would like the small kids to come back over," said Jackson.

People who live in Coldwater had mixed reviews about school performance under the state, but they believe a locally-elected school board will be better for the community.

"If there's a problem within our school system we feel like we have a knit relationship with those who we have come up with to represent us on the school board," said King.

The state is also giving back control to North Panola Schools. The state took over because of poor performance about five years ago.

Local voters were able to vote on school board members after the state of Mississippi took over the failing school district in 2008. But in the first opportunity to elect new leaders in about five years, people could not believe the low turnout.

The school district was recently accredited for the first time in several years, but it is still rate a D because the graduation rate is not above 60 percent. Leaders are trying to implement new reading programs before third grade.

Lorenzo Gipson voted in Sardis Tuesday and wants to see local leadership in charge of the children.

"People that stay in this town, they know more about what our children need than just someone, let's say from Jackson, Mississippi, that comes in," he sad.

There are five open seats for the North Panola School Board.

Below are unofficial results from Tate County's school board election.

District 1:

Heather Ashe 43.99 percent

Bo Humphrey 35.04 percent

Travis Gullick 20.72 percent

District 2:

Martha Jefferies 45.73 percent

Abagale Means 31.71 percent

Carolyn Dandridge Daniels 14.84 percent

Alicia Blanks 7.72 percent

District 3:

Brandy Crockett 48.79

Don Jamison 39.45 percent

Stacey Haag 10.38 percent

District 4:

Kayce Ashe 31.76 percent

Carolyn Shead 31.76 percent

Michael Bradley 20.60 percent

Kim Powers 14.59 percent

Gloria Jackson .86 percent

District 5

Malinda White 48.5 percent

Kim Mays 25.38 percent

Mary Moore 17.48 percent

Michael Worley 8.65 percent

Below are unofficial results from North Panola's school board trustee election.

District 1

Deborah Armstrong Tucker 100 percent

District 2

Verna Hunter 60.99 percent

Cecil Dowden 26.37 percent

Dietrick Johnson 12.64 percent

District 3

Chris Fairlee 97.8 percent

Write-in ballot 2.2 percent

District 4

Patricia Wright Lamar 55.23 percent

Patsy Jackson 43.02 percent

Write-in ballot 1.74 percent

District 5

Trosiki Pettis 67.29 percent

Mary ‘Kay'Wolfe 32.71 percent

Below are unofficial results from the Union County coroner election. A runoff between the top two candidates will take place in three weeks on November 26.

Rob Anderson 17.57 percent

Pam Boman 22.35 percent

Pam Denham 8.29 percent

Lisa Galloway 5.66 percent

Toby Hill 13.50 percent

Wayne Martin .99 percent

April Roberts 3.14 percent

Stephen Robinson .67 percent

Janice Upton .94 percent

Lee Waldrop 14.92 percent

Brenda Whiteside 2.92 percent

Sherri Williams 8.08 percent

Jonde Zinzer .91 percent

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