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Germantown police phone scam; Blackface costume controversy; Out for Blood

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Mid-South drivers have been targeted by a red light camera scam involving the Germantown Police Department. Tonight, a victim takes us through the scammer's phone call as he posed as an officer. Find out what signs will keep you from getting taken.

A costume controversy is plaguing a Mid-South university. One sorority girl wore blackface for a talent show. We're getting response from the school and students tonight.

There's a Stand Your Ground law controversy brewing in Tennessee. One homeowner will not be charged in the shooting death of a teenager. Hear from that teen's father, tonight.

Mid-South DUI cops are OUT FOR BLOOD tonight...armed with a NEEDLE and new rules to crack down on suspected drunk drivers! If you refuse a breath test you could be forced to give blood. The Investigators break down what you need to know before you hit the road.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Brown is tracking colder temperatures returning to the Mid-South.

The Memphis Grizzlies are taking on the New Orleans Pelicans tonight…but without Z-Bo. We'll explain and have the highlights in sports.

You could win up to $5000 when we spin the Wheel of Fortune. Watch and win!

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