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Germantown elects its school board

(WMC-TV) - Voters in Germantown are electing a school board. Perhaps the board's first item of business will be to negotiate the education of thousands of students and which schools they will attend.

Teenagers living in Southeast Memphis are zoned to go to Germantown High School.

"It's a nice school," said Germantown High School junior Vicshaneria Glasper.

The Southeast Memphis students are among more than 4,000 over whom the Shelby County School board and the newly formed Germantown Municipal School district are at odds.

On Wednesday, the Shelby County Schools School Board grilled Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy, raising questions about past emails indicating Germantown was considering either allowing students from neighboring communities to attend for only a finite period of time, not allowing them at all, or charging them tuition.

"Clearly, we've got to find an arrangement that works for everybody," said Ken Hoover, who is running for Germantown School Board.

Hoover has been pushing for a municipal district and has been involved in the planning process from the beginning. He says Germantown is just starting to learn Shelby County's needs and that the two sides must find a compromise at the bargaining table.

"Everybody wants the unified school district and the Germantown school district to successfully offer great education to children. So as long as we share that common goal we can find the best answer of what's the best way to mutually move forward," said Hoover.

Hoover says he believes everything will turn out okay in the end. The students hope that is the case.

"I've been at Germantown all my years. I want to finish there," added Glasper.

The Germantown School Board elected Thursday will be sworn in three weeks from now.

Action News 5's Nick Kenney called and e-mailed mayor Sharon Goldsworthy for comment but did not hear back.

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