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Cold morning seasonal wknd, school fight in Germantown, Freebie Friday, Wheel of Fortune contest at 6am

Good morning and happy Friday!! So glad we've made it!! It is cold outside...mid 30s right now...highs in the low 60s today..It's going to be a great fall weekend...Ron has details on the day ahead and this weekend with weather on the 5s on WMC-TV5.

The 5 newly-elected school board members in Germantown now join the fight to prevent three of their schools from remaining with the Shelby County school district. This.. as a battle brews over what to call them.. Details in a live report on WMC-TV5.

Tennessee's fourth and eighth grade students are posting record gains in reading and math achievement. The milestone was so impressive, governor Bill Haslam came to Shelby County to personally congratulate students and teachers.

The City of Memphis says what looks like a laughable mistake was done on purpose. This morning they're answering questions about why city workers painted road stripes over trash and debris..Details in a live report.

Free deals for you and today. We have a special patriotic edition of Freebie Friday.. for our veterans and their families up at 6a-m..Lindsey Brown will reveal the list of restaurants offering our veterans FREE MEALS on Monday, Veterans Day.. and some of the deals even last all weekend..Details this morning on Action News 5 at 6am.

There is a new report that could help Memphis Firefighters in the battle to keep their benefits.

We have more about what paperwork revealed and what it could mean for taxpayers.

Action News 5's Wheel Of Fortune contest continues this morning on Action News 5 at 6am..Ron will spin the wheel live and you can win up to $5,000! We gave away $1,000 yesterday. Just wait for the cue to call and be the 5th caller. Don't miss it!!

Join us this morning and get your Friday and weekend started right on WMC-TV5.

Andrew Douglas


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