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TDOT faces $8 billion backlog of projects

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(WMC-TV) - The Tennessee Department of Transportation has an $8 billion backlog of projects. As a result, there is concern that half of its federal funding may dry up next year.

Just last month the first phase of construction began on T-DOT's most expensive project. Construction on the $109 million 40-240 interchange in Memphis began, but a massive backlog of other projects, some of which date back decades, remain in jeopardy.

"The big project you have in Memphis is the I-40, 240 interchange," said B.J. Doughty, TDOT. "That funding has been set aside for that project."

As construction continues on that project, doubt and uncertainty remain with the Tennessee Department of Transportation and its $8 billion of road projects.

TDOT has 200 projects in its backlog, some dating back as far as 30 years. All of the projects total about $8 billion and are carried out based on need.

Half of its nearly $2 billion annual budget is funded by the federal government, but after September 2014, there will not be any federal funding scheduled for TDOT or any other states' transportation departments.

It is unclear how much federal money will be there next year because none has been approved.

"It makes it very difficult to plan for projects like the I-40, 240 project when you don't know what you're funding source is going to be from year to year," added Doughty.

TDOT says all states are in the same situation, it is not just Tennessee.

Construction is scheduled to be finish on the I-40/I-240 interchange in 2017. That is in the budget. But for dozens of other projects on the list, it remains unclear how they will get done.

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