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Your Week in Viral Videos: Cancer patient shakes booty before losing breasts

Some advice for breast cancer patients: a mastectomy does not mean the end of your life. (Source: karenrme/YouTube) Some advice for breast cancer patients: a mastectomy does not mean the end of your life. (Source: karenrme/YouTube)

(RNN) - If you're having a bad day and generally feeling pitiful about your life, suck it up or else Dr. Deborah Cohan will smack you over the head with her contagious upbeat attitude.

Cohan did something unusual right before undergoing a double mastectomy - she shook her "groove thang" to a Beyonce song. The operating room medical team jumped in for good measure.

Talk about going in with guns blazing. Undoubtedly, Cohan subscribes to the belief that a positive attitude affects the healing process.

She also could probably land a gig as Beyonce's backup dancer once she recovers.

Justin Bieber did something else

The mention of his name has ensured that you've done of three things: A. grown tingly with excitement; B. skipped down to the next video; C. backed out of the page.

Hopefully, you haven't done the latter because the longer you stay on the page the more I get paid. That's just a joke.

Anyhoo … a woman who may have been a prostitute, stripper, bikini model or over-eager fan shot a cell phone video of Bieber on the couch inside what may have been a brothel, hotel or apartment.

Confused yet? Do you really care that much? Don't worry, I won't judge you if you actually do care (says with a snarky smile).

Rob Ford, where are you?

Is a cartoonish Canadian mayor with obvious self-control problems publicly admitting to smoking crack [once, while drunk … riiiight] the saddest thing you've seen all week?

Aside from the obvious "first-world problems" joke, I'd like to introduce something potentially sadder: a former pro wrestler in a wheelchair storming Ford's office in Toronto challenging him to an arm wrestling contest.

Wow … just, wow. It's like a real-life comic book strip, isn't it? The only way this story could get better is if Ford saved a family of six from a burning building and credited crack for giving him superhuman strength.

I hear voices - lots of them

If you don't know who Jake Foushee is, don't feel bad. He does impressions of so many people he probably has forgotten his own identity.

If you're interested in hearing Morgan Freeman, Bruce Wayne and a bunch of other famous people chime in on a movie trailer about a screwdriver - a screwdriver! - this will make your day.


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