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ShapeUp ShowDown: Meet this former Air Force officer and single mom

(WMC-TV) – Our ShapeUp ShowDown contestants are well on their way to getting fit. They are now into a second week of workouts and healthy eating.

Just wait until you see how their trainers, in addition to their regular gym workouts, take them through something called Circuit Interval Training. Let's learn more about another of our challengers: a former Air Force officer and single mother.

Don't be fooled this is no skip through the park! This simply the warm up!

A good challenge is exactly what Dawn Flagg and the rest of her ShapeUp ShowDown colleagues are getting.

But, it was one of life's challenges 10 years ago, that beat her down; a sudden divorce from the father of her three children.

Its impact was emotional, physical and financial.

"Started out even sleeping in the car for a couple of days ‘cause they repossessed the house," Flagg said.

She went on to say, "After that, when I started gaining the weight, I didn't feel very confident anymore and I didn't feel attractive anymore and that kind of snow balled in the wrong direction."

"Part of the tough was having a victim mentality and waiting for things to get better, as I was wronged," Flagg said.

"I refused to acknowledge that it was MY job to make things better. So, I just had to pick myself up, with the support of my three children, and then just decide to get back in the game," she said.

That was 10 years ago, now Dawn hopes to lose enough weight to keep up with her three kids' weekend hiking, biking and triathlons.

Flagg said "But, now the fun part of it starts. Now, I've got the mental side of it. I've got my confidence back and that's what really prompted me to try this out. And, I'm just gonna do the very best I can for as long as I possibly can."

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