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Tradition ends as Snowglobe plays last Hi-Tone Christmas show

Originally published: December 25, 2012 - (WMC-TV)- For a decade, many have walked into the Hi-Tone Café at its holiday best, with strands of lights lining the walls, on Christmas night to see local pop band Snowglobe.

It's a Christmas tradition with different intentions, some meet at the venue in need of a recharge after a day with the family, to meet up with a friend in town or just to have a good time.

Either way - Tuesday was most likely the last year many were able to meet up at a Snowglobe show.

"Yeah, it will be the last show that Snowglobe plays at the Hi-Tone, we just don't get to play a lot these days," said drummer Jeff Hulett.

The Hi-Tone is set to close at the end of February, and the band doesn't plan to switch to another club in the area like The Young-Avenue Deli.

But venue space is not the only reason why Snowglobe may not play another Christmas show again.

Hulett said some band members, including himself, have kids - which makes it a little more difficult to do the show every Christmas.

"It's sad, ten years is a long time, and it's king of two sided. We've been thinking about passing the torch to another band," he said.

The tradition of Snowglobe playing at the Hi-Tone every year on Christmas was not intentional.

"We didn't realize - that so many people in town, friends from out of town, around the country and the world come (to the show) to get away from family, it's that thing you can do after you do the family stuff. I know my family can be intense sometimes, and it's nice to be away from the drama and get out to the bar, have a beer and see friends," said Hulett.

Once a friend of the band, received hundreds of snow globes from her grandmother, because of its connection to the band's name and the holiday - she brought them to the show to give away,

Between the songs, the band would tell the audience to grab one off the table and keep it.

Hulett said, after 15 years of playing at the Hi-Tone, the holiday show could be the last time the band plays in a public setting.

Tuesday was the tenth annual Snowglobe show with the Pirates, and the last Christmas show to be played at the Hi-Tone

"It's a good way to get together, with beer, have cheer and everyone is in a great mood," said Hulett.

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