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Nursery could lose Midtown location to food truck restaurant

(WMC-TV) - Midtown Nursery, located at 2120 Central Avenue, says it set down roots over the past five years, but there are new plans for that location that threaten to supplant the flower shop.

The pumpkins, pansies, and pink flamingos will soon have company.

"Christmas trees come in a week from Saturday," said Fran Terhorst, Midtown Nursery. "I love this season because it's such a happy fun time."

While Christmas is coming, something more stressful is on its way, too.

"We're probably going to have to move," said Terhorst.

After five years at the corner of Cooper Street and Central Avenue, Midtown Nursery's lease expires in February.

Landlord Loeb properties has a deal to bring in a new food truck restaurant in its place, if the city will re-zone the land.

"It's just, it's just a big cluster," added Terhorst.

In response, the nursery started a grassroots campaign to avoid getting swept away.

A signature petition, both on paper and on-line, asks city officials not to re-zone the land for a restaurant.

"We don't want to cause problems. We just want to stay," said Terhorst. "This location has been fabulous for us ... Midtown has been very supportive of us. There's a sense of community here."

City officials are scheduled to consider this zoning matter next Tuesday. The folks from Midtown Nursery plan to be there to present their case.

Loeb says the nursery had an agreement to sign a lease renewal but did not do so in time. That is when the company got a proposal for the food truck restaurant concept.

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