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Good luck? Or good riddance? Ladybug invasion reported at Mid-South homes

(WMC-TV) - Ladybugs are often said to be a good luck symbol. But is it lucky when they invade your home?

Many Mid-Southerners are experiencing a lady bug invasion! Why? Because ladybugs are looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

Pest control experts warn: don't invite them in.

Rose Gray came home to thousands of uninvited visitors after church on Sunday.

"They was all up here, all out there. When I got out of my car, they was all in my head, all over my clothes, and I was just knocking them off," she said.

Tennessee is seeing more of the polka dotted insects as a result of a mild winter and wet spring.

Preston Warford from Terminix says now the little ladies are looking to warm up.

"Ladybugs do not carry any diseases and they will not bite," he said. "A lot of times, they'll get inside a wall or inside a house and multiply or be in multiple numbers and that presents an issue because you don't want a whole lot of bugs inside your house."

Warford recommends using your vacuum to remove them from your home. If you swat at them, they leave a nasty stain.

One way to keep the bugs from getting inside is to make sure all of the cracks on your house are sealed up well. You should also put a screen on the grates that lead to your crawl space.

Only one ladybug was left at Rose Gray's house by the time Action News 5 arrived.

Despite their legend of good luck, Rose hopes she does not see any more ladybugs for a while.

Ladybugs helpful because they eat aphids, which suck the moisture out of your plants. So, be a friend to the ladybug, just try not to be overly hospitable.

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