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ShapeUp ShowDown: Challengers have first weight-in

(WMC-TV) – Our ShapeUp ShowDown challengers had their first weigh-in since starting the weight loss program two weeks ago. For the contestant you're about to meet, the results gave her an emotional high and came between some tough bouts with a punching bag!

No time for weigh-in jitters with a trainer pushing you to punch, punch, and jab.

It was Debbie Horn's turn to step up to the scales, but the reveal would have to wait until all the ShapeUp ShowDown contestants were weighed and besides, there were lunges to do, first!

Debbie says a thyroid problem caused her to gain 80 pounds.

"It was gradual. It was over a period of about a year," Debbie Horn said. "It's been real hard to get all that weight back off."

Horn also told Action News 5, "I've done weight watchers. You know, I'm not really good at sticking to a plan by myself."

But, an almost tragic event this summer with one of her grandchildren led the 52-year-old office worker to get serious about losing weight.

She said, "We have a swimming pool and one almost drowned a while back. And it was...I barely got to her. And, so, you know, it makes you kind of step back and go, 'It's time, now.'"

And she's well on her way.

"I lost 7 pounds!" Horn exclaimed. "I feel great! Great! Yeah!"

Incidentally, all of the contestants lost weight in this first weigh-in some more than others, but those who lost the least likely had the most muscle gain, which is normal.

The next contestant to be featured is Debbie's Horn's daughter, who is also a ShapeUp ShowDown contestant.

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