Food For Thought- October 7, 2004

Food For Thought- October 7, 2004


Melange- 65

948 S. Cooper

*Employee eating in prep area

*Mold in cooler

*Rotten fruit

Golden China Restaurant- 68

1160 S. Bellevue

*Uncovered food

*No hair restraints

*Missing ceiling tiles

Piccadilly- 65

3425 Poplar Ave.

*Flies in prep area

*Roaches in kitchen

*Food at wrong temperatures

Dixie Queen- 59

*No hand washing

*No public bathroom

*Uncovered food

HIGH 5 Scores:

Wendy's 96

6143 Walnut Grove

Hephzibah 96

3627 Park Ave.

Lenny's Sub Shop 96

5643 Shelby Dr.

Kerrville Pig 'N Whistle 96

6084 Kerr Rosemark Rd.

T.J. Mulligan 95

2821 N. Houston Levee

Know the score before you walk through the door!