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Firefighter who was hit by a car is spreading safety message at El Tour

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Among the booths of El Tour vendors at the Tucson Convention Center, one display was a broken bike frame.  And next to it, the broken rider Brendan Lyons who was hit by a car just last month offers a message of road safety.

"I would like to ride again," Lyons said. "Right now, it's too soon to tell."

Lyons said that he has been a firefighter at Rural Metro for six years.  Now, he's taking his tragedy to the streets with Look! Save a Life to remind cyclists to follow the law, and drivers to do the same.  He said that motorists should give bikes at least three feet of space, since it's the law, if not closer to five feet.  He also urges drivers to not be distracted with cell phones and texting.

"For cyclists, you need to follow the rules of the road.  For drivers, you need to pay attention to your surroundings.  When you operate a three-thousand pound vehicle, you take the lives of not only yourself but others in your hands," Lyons said.

The El Tour banquet featured a variety of speakers that included Lyons.

"Cyclists, motorists, sponsors, volunteers, everyone, when we're driving out there, don't do anything foolish and listen on your cell phone or text," said El Tour de Tucson president Richard DeBernardis.

While safety is always a top subject, weather was considered to be the next big concern.

"What we're going to be telling everyone, all of the cyclists, is come prepared for rain.  Wear your rain jackets, go out and get some rain protection.  Ride slower, don't turn it into a race, because the streets will be slippery," DeBernardis said.

Once the weather passes and the ride is over, Lyons expects his message to still be on course for cyclists.

"Life is a precious thing and it can be taken from you in less than a moment," Lyons said.

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