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Mobile home park without power during winter

(WMC - TV) - Residents is in a West Memphis, Arkansas mobile home park were without power Sunday night.  They say all of their utilities were shut off Friday morning with no explanation.  Residents say during the cold snap they had no water, heat or lights.

The nearly 20 residents at Midway Trailer Park say their rent covers everything, including utilities.  Resident Janice Vann has three children, all under the age of five, and they live in the park. 

She says the conditions are forcing her to put her kids up with family at night.  She says they struggled to get warm.  They used every piece of clothing they had to bundle up.

Right now, Vann pays $575 a month for her rent, which includes utilities.  They showed Action News Five a lease which says the only way residents can get their gas or lights turned off is for not paying their bills every month.

Residents we spoke to say they tried contacting the landlord, but haven't heard from him since.  We spoke to him Sunday night, he says there is an issue with the bill and has been trying to work with the city to resolve it.  But, there has been some confusion for residents.

Residents were given a notice earlier this week that they would be paying their bills to another owner.  The notice says the property now belongs to Bobby and Sue Hurt. 

A search of the Crittenden County Assessor's web site shows the property is owned by River Town Enterprise Inc.  That same company, registered under Charles Hunt, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in October 2012.

Residents say they are freezing for no reason even though they paid their money.  Tenants are trying to remain warm while they wait for someone to return their phone calls.

We eventually spoke with Charles Hunt as we previously mentioned.  He claims his address was changed in the city's electronic provider's system.  He says he wasn't receiving the bills.  Hunt claims he tried to pay on Friday, but the city wouldn't take the money. 

We tried speaking to the energy provider in West Memphis, but they told us to call later.

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