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ShapeUp ShowDown: Contestant fights back after disaster strikes his household

(WMC-TV) – When disaster strikes your household, it's difficult to think of anything, other than the task at hand: cleaning up the mess and taking care of your family.

That means taking care of yourself usually goes to the back burner of your life and that's exactly what happened to one ShapeUp ShowDown contestant.

He was well into a successful weight loss regimen, when Mother Nature almost destroyed his home. Now, he's hoping lightning doesn't strike twice.

Michael Malone lost the most weight out of all the contestants in the first weigh in: 12 pounds!

But, in May of 2012, Michael had lost almost four times as much weight on his own, until disaster struck his home and family.

"Unfortunately, our house got hit by lightening and burned to the ground," Malone said.

"We were living with my brother and sister-in-law and there was nine of us in the same house. And everything was kinda crazy. Trying to get the house dealt with and going through and trying to save whatever we could save," Malone went on to say.

He said, "I was having to live through drive-thru and fast food restaurants and ended up gaining it all back, plus more. It was stressful."

But, now the 54-year-old husband and father is back, hitting it hard in the gym; this time with support from the ShapeUp ShowDown crew. He's working toward medical, as well as physical, benefits.

Malone said, "And try to avoid staying on blood pressure medication. I'm trying to keep from getting diabetes. I coach youth soccer, competitively and I need to be a better role model for my kids…and my own kids, at home."

But, most important for Michael is his commitment to himself, "I don't wanna do the yo-yo thing anymore. And I wanna be on a change that's a lasting change."

In addition to upping their workout days, ShapeUp ShowDown contestants will also soon be heading out for a workout away from the Memphis Judo Jiu-Jitsui gym.

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