Other bus accidents in the U.S., transport accidents in Arkansas

Fatal bus accidents in the United States:

FEB. 28, 1958. Twenty-seven people die when a school bus traveling near Prestonsburg, Ky., swerves across U.S. 23 and plunges into the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. The 26 children and driver who died are carried downstream and under the water, according to news reports.

SEPT. 17, 1963. Believed to be the worst bus crash in the nation's history, 32 people are killed when a bus collides with a train near Salinas, Calif. Twenty-five other people are injured. Those who die were Mexican farmworkers in the Salinas Valley area, according to news reports.

MAY 13, 1972. Twelve people die and 14 are injured when a Greyhound intercity bus tries to pass an eastbound vehicle on U.S. 11W in Bean Station, Tenn., and strikes a westbound truck nearly head-on. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the accident on a combination of factors, including the bus driver's failure to avoid the oncoming truck.

JAN. 15, 1974. Nineteen people drown when a bus transporting 46 Mexican farm laborers plunges 18 feet after failing to properly make a tight, right-angle turn southwest of Blythe, Calif. The NTSB blamed the accident on the driver driving too fast to negotiate the turn.

MAY 21, 1976. Twenty-nine people die when a charter bus carrying 52 people strikes and runs up on part of a bridge rail system on Interstate 680 near Martinez, Calif. The bus rolls off the top of a curved bridge rail and lands on its roof. The NTSB blamed the accident on driver error, including failure to use the emergency air brake.

JUNE 5, 1980. Twenty people are killed and 13 injured when a charter bus accelerates out of control and runs off Arkansas 7 near Jasper. The NTSB blamed the crash on a combination of factors, including the driver's inability to control the bus on a steep, winding road.

MAY 30, 1986. Twenty-one people die and 20 are injured when an intercity charter bus veers out of control and overturns while trying to maneuver an S curve on U.S. 395 near Walker, Calif. The driver was speeding and ignored advisory signs while making the S curve, the NTSB said.

MAY 14, 1988. Twenty-seven people are killed and 36 injured when a school bus full of children and chaperones collides with a pickup heading the wrong way on Interstate 71 near Carrollton, Ky. The bus bursts into flames when its fuel tank is punctured. The NTSB said the pickup driver, who survived, was drunk.

SEPT. 21, 1989. Twenty-one people die after a school bus carrying 81 students collides in Alton, Texas, with a soft-drink delivery truck. The bus comes to rest on its side, submerged in 10 feet of water in an excavation pit. Those killed either drown or die from complications during the submersion. The driver likely was not paying attention and wasn't maintaining enough control of the bus to stop, the NTSB said.

MAY 9, 1999. Twenty-two people are killed and 22 more injured when a motorcoach heading to a casino in Bay St. Louis, Miss., runs off a highway on Mother's Day. The bus strikes a guardrail and vaults over a paved golf-cart path. The NTSB blamed the accident on the driver being impaired by severe medical conditions, as well as the driver's use of marijuana and an antihistamine.

OCT. 9, 2004. Fourteen people are killed and 16 are injured when a Chicago tour bus heading to a Tunica, Miss., casino went off Interstate 55 north of Marion and overturned. The NTSB and Arkansas State Police are investigating. Other transportation accidents in Arkansas in recent years:

JUNE 5, 1980. Twenty people are killed and 13 injured when a charter bus accelerates out of control and runs off Arkansas 7 near Jasper. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the crash on a combination of factors, including the driver's inability to control the bus on a steep, winding road.

MARCH 25, 1983. A bus carrying students from nine vocational-technical schools crashes in northwest Poinsett County, killing nine people and injuring 29. An NTSB report determined that the school bus was in poor mechanical condition, but there was no evidence that mechanical problems caused the accident.

SEPT. 13, 1985. Five people are killed and at least 16 injured when a bus carrying students from a Missouri Bible college goes over an embankment and overturns about four miles north of Eureka Springs. The NTSB concluded that faulty brakes caused the crash.

JAN. 25, 1986. Eight people die and 18 are injured after a minor accident in heavy fog sets off a chain reaction and results in a 27-car pileup on Interstate 55, four miles north of West Memphis. Two of eight tractor trailers are crumpled and a car is crushed.

JULY 14, 1986. Twenty-eight people on a Memphis-bound Trailways bus are injured, four seriously, when the bus slams into the rear of a tractor-trailer rig that is blocking both eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 near Brinkley. The NTSB determined that the accident was probably caused by the rig's driver trying to execute an illegal U-turn.

FEB. 7, 1988. Seventeen of 35 passengers on a Greyhound bus bound for Dallas suffer minor injuries when the bus overturns on Interstate 30 between Hope and Fulton. Police said the bus driver "dozed momentarily," causing the accident.

JULY 24, 1990. A bus driver is killed and eight children and five adults injured when a charter bus carrying a Florida softball team and the team's relatives slams into an unloaded Tyson chicken truck at Interstate 40 and Arkansas 9. The NTSB said five of the six brakes were out of adjustment and recapped tires were on the Florida bus.

AUG. 9, 1997. A tour bus rear-ends a car on Interstate 40 west of Brinkley, sending the car careening into a tractor-trailer rig and spinning off the road, killing all four people in the car. Faulty brakes on the bus are blamed for the collision.

MAY 1, 1999. An amphibious sightseeing boat known as a "duck" sinks about noon, killing 13 people on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. The NTSB blamed the sinking on the boat company's failure to repair and maintain the vessel.

JUNE 1, 1999. Eleven people are killed and more than 105 people injured when American Airlines Flight 1420 lands at Little Rock National Airport Adams Field in a thunderstorm, slides off the runway and catches fire. Confusion and misinformation about the weather conditions contributed to the crash, authorities said.

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