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Murfreesboro woman recovering after carbon monoxide poisoning


More than a month after a horrific carbon monoxide poisoning accident at the Talladega race track that killed her husband, a Murfreesboro woman is slowly getting better.

Allison Morgan husband, Craig, died while she was unconscious in a hospital for 10 days.

She said she's devastated by the loss of her husband but is thankful she's still able to be mom to her 4-year-old child.

"I'm doing as well as can be expected," she said.

Allison and her husband went to sleep in an RV at the popular Alabama race track that night in October when they were poisoned by carbon monoxide. Now, after being hospitalized 30 days, she is on the long road to recovery.

"I get out of breath real easily if I do any kind of exertion at all. Just have to take it easy and rest in between walking or doing any physical activity," Allison Morgan said.

None of this has been easy, but, believe it or not, she says there is still a bright side.

"The bright side is I'm alive at all, and I'm home to be a mom to my daughter, Carley. She lost one parent and I'm so grateful that she didn't lose both of us," Allison Morgan said.

Carley just had her 4th birthday two weeks ago.

At first, it looked like her hospitalized mom might miss the party. But determined not to, she got out the day before and was there to help blow out the candles.

It was not her only moment of hope.

"That's probably the main thing right now. So many people are helping me out praying for us, doing things for family and that's really me get through this," Allison Morgan said.

She admits she never knew about the dangers that come with carbon monoxide but hopes her story will make people go buy detectors and make sure generators in their homes or RVs work correctly.

It's an important thing for everyone to do, especially now that the weather has started to turn cold.

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