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Beware of imposter websites when online shopping

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(WMC-TV) - The Better Business Bureau wants to pass along a warning to those of you who shop online. Make sure the website you are purchasing from is the real deal, instead of one pretending to be something it is not. is a legitimate company and great website, but the BBB says beware of imitators.

"We're starting to see fake websites that have the name Overstock in them," said Randy Hutchinson, BBB.

"Be careful checking out a link in an unsolicited email go to the website directly check it out with the Better Business Bureau to see if its a legitimate organization."

The BBB is working with the Feds to shut down the fake websites, especially because some of them do have the BBB logo on them.

"Just because it is a beautiful website, has beautiful pictures and merchandise doesn't mean it's legit," said Hutchinson.

When you are paying online, use a credit card for a purchase. You'll have more protections as opposed to other methods of payment. If you see something suspicious online report it to the BBB and stay away from it.

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