Tour bus turned upright Tuesday morning

The National Transportation Safety Board uprighted a tour bus that crashed over the weekend, killing 14 people. The bus ended upside down after the crash. It stayed that way when a wrecker moved it to a garage so investigators could inspect the tires, steering and axle. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board and Arkansas State Police were on hand taking notes and pictures while wrecker crews slowly turned the bus over. Some of the passenger seats are in bad shape. The driver's seat is the only one not on the bus. Investigators also hope the way the seats are positioned will give them insight on how some of the passengers where thrown from the bus. Officials say all but one of the people on board was ejected. An investigator for the agency says the probe in to the crash will include an assessment of the strength of the roof of the bus. The roof was shorn off as the bus flipped off Interstate 55 north of West Memphis, Arkansas. The N-T-S-B's safety board director recommended in 2000 that agency create performance standards for bus roofs. But the standards were not developed. Sixteen people were hurt when the bus crashed early Saturday while en route from Chicago to Tunica, Mississippi. The bus is being held at a salvage business while investigators try to figure out how the crash occurred.