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ShapeUp ShowDown: Pastor loses weight to be example for others

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(WMC-TV) - It is Kelvin Lake's goal to inspire his family and his entire congregation. That's right, he's the pastor of a church, who says his busy schedule is what helped him become overweight ... that, and the convenience of unhealthy food.

Kelvin Lake is a ShapeUp ShowDown contestant with a divine inspiration as the pastor of The Rhema Life Church. He is also the city manager for Brinks, Inc., as well as a husband and father of three.

In other words, he is a busy man with some weighty history.

"My weight really became a problem at a very early age when I was 8 or 9 years old," explained Lake.

He says high school and college sports helped him lose the weight and keep it off.

But 10 years ago, when college sports ended, the weight returned and so did his attempts to lose it again.

"Primarily diets and they've never worked because of my schedule, time management. What typically happens is, as busy as I am, I grab the most convenient thing. And that is really what has gotten me into the position that I'm in," said Lake.

Now, Kelvin is using his family, his church, and his co-workers as his inspiration to lose the weight and get healthy.

"I wanted to be healthy, be around for my kids, for my family," he said. "And to be an example for my church, the people I work with and just my friends."

The greatest lesson learned thus far? No excuses.

"And it does not matter what stage of life you're in. You will always have the ability to make lifestyle changes," said Lake. "So, that's why I'm here. Just to be an example to everyone else."

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