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FedEx packing expert offers tricks of the trade

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(WMC-TV) - As Christmas approaches, many of you will be rushing around to make sure your presents get sent and delivered on time.  But before you do, you might want to take some extra steps to make sure your packages get to their destinations in one piece.

When you mail a package, the trip can be rough, depending on the elements and conditions it is exposed to along the way.

The opening scene of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective may come to mind. This package gets shut in an elevator, over and over and thrown down the hallway.

Packages often arrive with dents, tears, and water damage.

FedEx's resident packing expert, Cordell Golden, says this can be easily avoided. The two biggest issues he sees are people who do not put enough padding in the box and those who choose the wrong type of box.

"We suggest that you use bubble wrap and packing paper. Also very important is that you use a box that is sturdy," said Golden.

It can be a used box, but make sure you remove any old labels and reinforce the seams with tape if they need more support.

"Once you have your gift wrapped, you want to put it in the box and center it," he continued. "Make sure you have enough paper to protect it and add more packing paper to the top."

Golden also suggests using blue painter's tape to seal up your boxes, because it is easier to pull off and less frustrating for the recipient.

"You want to put your address on the outside of the box, as well, we tell customers go ahead and put an index card with the address inside just in case something happens to the label," suggested Golden.

Here are few other ways to prevent damage to your gifts:

If you are mailing multiple items in one box, bubblewrap them separately, then tape them together to prevent anything from rattling.

To prevent water damage, use a garbage bag as a liner around your items.

Once everything is packed up, shake the box to make sure you don't hear or feel any movement. If you do, add more packing paper or bubble wrap.

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