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Good Samaritan stops Murfreesboro drunken driver

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Rob Bennett describes how he stopped a woman who was driving drunk with two young children in the back seat. Rob Bennett describes how he stopped a woman who was driving drunk with two young children in the back seat.

What would you do if you spotted a drunken driver who could barely keep it on the road, and there were two small children in the back seat?

A Murfreesboro man took a risk on Wednesday, but it ended up being the right thing to do.

Rob Bennett was taking his kids Christmas shopping for their mom.

Their trip was interrupted by a woman in an SUV swerving through the streets on the north side of Murfreesboro.

Bennett told his daughter to call 911 and followed her.

"We're talking to the cops, and she almost hit the guardrail," said Bennett.

At first Bennett, thought the kids in the back seat were acting up.

"The more I noticed, I'm like, something's wrong," said Bennett. "This lady is, it's more than her kids doing something because these little kids, they're watching DVDs in the back. They watching a cartoon. I can see it."

Bennett tailed the SUV, hoping she'd need to pull off to get something.

The driver, 44-year-old Tammy Weeks, ducked into a gas station at the intersection of Manson Pike and Florence Road, and Bennett saw his opportunity.

"When she came in, she pulled straight across to right into this parking spot," said Bennett. "I just pulled in right behind her."

Bennett said he went up to Weeks, and it was clear she was intoxicated.

"She said, ‘It's OK. It's OK," said Bennett. "I'm like, 'Because the police are going to be here to talk to you.'"

With the exit blocked, Bennett said Weeks tried to hit his SUV, but another driver came in to block her.

Bennett got his kids to safety and waited on officers to arrive.

"Somebody would have been hurt and I just couldn't see that, especially with children in the back of the car," said Bennett. "They were young enough that I don't think they even realized what was going on."

Police said the kids were only 3 and 5 years old. Weeks told police she was going to get dinner for them.

With the situation resolved and charges filed, Bennett is modest but glad he did the right thing.

"I see her mug shot, and she's smiling and all happy and smirky," said Bennett. "But she was crying out here in the parking lot because she couldn't even take the first step without falling over."

Murfreesboro police charged Weeks with driving under the influence and reckless endangerment.

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