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Tonight we have COMPLETE COVERAGE on this weekend's DEADLY TOUR BUS CRASH. [Notes:show the bus being uprighted today] Investigators uprighted the bus a few hours ago..searching for clues into what caused the crash. We'll have a complete report on that...[Notes:EDITORS PAD THIS OUT FOR AT LEAST 45 seconds with crash scene video-we need the pad for an effect!!] [Notes:push vo into special box vo keeps rolling] but we begin our coverage with Action News 5's Tony McNary in the newsroom with a survivor's story. [CG :LIVE with bug 1 line\Newsroom] Imagine lying in a field ...dead people all around you ...YOUR FRIENDS. You're alive but paralyzed ..images Twanda Fraizer says she will never forget. [TAKE PKG] [TAKE PKG] {***PKG***} [CG :Info Pg\Tour Bus Crash bug &\banner\ \ \ ] Recovering from a broken neck, dislocated located shoulder, and several minor scrapes and bruises Twanda Fraizer says she holding up. [Notes:3:43:05][Duration:0:03] "I thank God ...yep I thank God for that." But emotionally... each day is a struggle. [CG :bug 2 Lines\Twanda Fraizer\Crash Victim] [Notes:5:05:25][Duration:0:18] "Every time I think about it I could have been dead and gone you know but I'm here. I'm sorry every time I think about it. Every time I think about those dead people and the families my heart goes out to them. I just I don't know I just thank God." Fraizer was sitting in an aisle seat about seven rows behind the driver. She woke up to her friends screaming ... [Notes:1:54:00][Duration:0:15] "It looked like ....going through a forest and trees and everything was hitting and it looked like he had good control of the bus. But then when the bus tilted it just started to flip and flip and flip." That's when Fraizer says she blacked out. The next thing she knew paramedics were stepping over bodies, trying to figure out who was alive. [Notes:2:29:00][Duration:0:07] "You know I'm laying I'm waving my hand because I'm trying to get up but I couldn't get up then I tried again ....then realized my neck was broken." [notes:3:05][Duration:0:08] "I was so distraught it's a mind thing. You're laying next to a person dead and another person dead that you just saw." [TAKE: TONY@Nwsrm] {***TONY***} [CG :Info Pg\Tour Bus Crash bug &\banner\ \ \ ] [CG :LIVE with bug 1 line\Tony McNary] [CG :LIVE with bug 1 line\Newsroom] This was Fraizer's second trip with the group. She was traveling with a friend who is in fair condition at a hospital in Little Rock. Today , the two will talk for the first time since the accident. Live in the newsroom Tony McNary Action News Five. The tour bus ended upside down after that deadly crash. It stayed that way when a wrecker moved it to a garage. [TAKE VO]{***VO***}[CG :bug 1 Line\Marion, AR][Notes:showt the bus being uprighted---mike moore tapes-match script with investigators taking notes--use the best stuff!!] A few hours ago...the bus was up-righted so the inspection could begin on the inside. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Arkansas State Police took notes and pictures while wrecker crews slowly turned the bus over. [Notes:show seats] You could see the bad shape some of the passenger seats are in. [Notes:show drivers seats] The driver's seat is the only one not on the bus. Investigators say the condition of the seats will tell them a lot. [TAKE: SOT FULL]{***SOT FULL***} [CG :Info Pg\ bus crash bug\& banner\ \ \ ] [CG :bug 2 Lines\Larry Yohe\NTSB] [Notes:42][Duration:0:13] "it's one little piece of the puzzle to help us show direction force to figure out exactly how the bus went when it went off the road. How it traveled and how this could happen. How it could have this damage configuration." [TAKE: CONT VO] {***CONT VO ***}[Notes:more seats from moore tape and more bus video] Investigators also hope the seats will let them know how some of the passengers where thrown from the bus.