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Teacher claims mobile quizzes improve students' learning

(WMC-TV) - Are cell phones in the classroom a distraction? Or a learning enhancement? The answer to that question depends on who you talk to.

An Arlington High School teacher claims to have found a way to use cell phones to help improve students' grades.

During quiz time in Emily Land's classroom, students use their cell phones to download their quiz from a QR code generated by her computer. Using that same QR code, kids are able to answer the quiz questions and send the completed quiz back to Land's computer.

"It creates a flawless flow of information from when they submit something to when it shows up on my computer and I'm able to check up on their progress midstream," said Land.

What Land likes the most about using the QR codes is that as each question is answered, she can see it on her computer immediately.

For example, if there are questions a lot of students are getting wrong, she can address those on the spot.

"They love to do it because it takes paper out of the equation and it also is an opportunity for them to use their cell phones, which is something they love to do anyway," said Land.

Land says the mobile quizzes help her to grade them faster, giving her more to focus on teaching.

"It gives us back time we would normally spend grading papers," she said. "Instead, now we can spend that time adjusting instructions, meeting our students needs, doing it without having to touch any paper."

"It's a different experience," said student Wayne Curry. "I feel like I'm getting more out of it because I'm on my phone, it's digital and were in a digital age so we get more out of it."

Land is now in the process of sharing her successes with other teachers at Arlington High School, as well as other schools throughout the district.

There is also good news for parents. This type of learning costs nothing, except your student's phone bill of course.

Students can download the codes for free; all they need is a Gmail account.


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