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Mom says daughter victim of bullying at Nashville middle school


A Nashville mom said her daughter is the victim of extreme bullying at school.

The eighth grader has been spit on, called names and had her life threatened by the same group of kids.

Lisa Gates claims the school isn't doing enough to keep her daughter Brandie safe.

What's happening to Brandie seems to meet the definition of bullying at Neely's Bend Middle School.

"They've spit balls at her. They've spit food at her. They've thrown chocolate milk on her," said Lisa Gates. "Three kids trapped her in the bathroom."

The 14-year-old said it's the same two boys constantly taunting her, even though she suffers from cerebral palsy.

"Going through this every day is just too much right now," said Brandie.

Brandie said when she's feeling threatened, she tries to read her books and ignore the boys.

Her mom said sometimes they take the books away.

"So when she was trying to reach [the books], they'd taunt her," said Lisa Gates.

One of the latest incidents made her afraid to send Brandie back to school.

"The day that she told me he would get a gun and come to school and shoot her, I was terrified," said Lisa Gates.

The school created a safety plan for Brandie last year when the problems began.

School officials would not go on camera, but said they've taken appropriate action against the boys accused of the bullying.

But Brandie and her mom said the school hasn't done enough.

"I feel they need stronger consequences, maybe even removed from school," said Lisa Gates.

School policy states students who bully could be expelled or reported to police.

Lisa Gates said the boys have only faced in-school suspension.

"The teacher will stand there at the door while I'm standing there having to be picked on and she doesn't even notice," said Brandie.

This week her mom said Brandie was moved out of her classes to get her away from the boys. They will still share lunch and one required class.

Lisa Gates said she won't send her daughter back to school unless something more is done.

"I don't have the answer for everyone, but I have the answer for this one," said Lisa Gates. "She's mine and I'm going to protect her."

School officials said they will re-examine Brandie's safety plan if problems continue. They said they could not talk about the disciplinary action that's been taken against the boys.

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