Crash investigators say bus wouldn't have passed inspection

Investigators say a tour bus that crashed along an Arkansas interstate highway during the weekend, killing 14, would -not- have passed an inspection. 
      The National Transportation Safety Board says it found cracks in the bus frame that it believes were there before the Saturday morning accident.
      Also, sheet metal had been glued and riveted to the roof, adding 600 to 700 pounds to the vehicle's gross weight. 
      The N-T-S-B says the bus manufacturer is puzzled as to why someone would have added the sheet metal to the roof.
      Investigators say 29 of the 30 people on the bus were thrown out of the vehicle when the roof largely peeled away during the crash along Interstate 55 about 25 miles north of Memphis.
      Sixteen people were injured.
      The bus was headed for Tunica, Mississippi.
      Yesterday those that lost their lives were remembered in a Memorial Service in a Chicago Church.
      Many of the crash victims who died had belonged to that church.

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