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ShapeUp ShowDown: Meet our very own Mike Tyson

(WMC-TV) – When you hear the name "Mike Tyson" your mind probably goes instantly to the boxing champion of the same name.

However, Kym Clark introduces us to a ShapeUp ShowDown contestant with that name who, not only has had to live that down for a good part of his life, he's had to fight the battle against weight even longer!

This is Mike Tyson, not the champion boxer who's fought other champions in title bouts, but the Mike Tyson who's fought another kind of bout with a more weighty title for a long time.

"There's pictures of me too, before and after, when I was 4 years old. I weighed, like, 90 pounds and lost down to 70. So, I mean, I been struggling with weight my whole life," Tyson said.

But, Mike believes the ShapeUp ShowDown may be the weapon he's needed all along to finally win!

He said, "This is gonna be a life changer. This is gonna be my ‘flip the switch.' I figured that, with a group, it'll be more motivational and inspire you more to do better for yourself. Nine people got your back, you know?!"

It's not like the 37-year-old hasn't tried other weight loss programs before and had some success, but life makes it difficult to maintain.

Tyson said, "You get a job and you start working, and school. You just don't have time for anything. Then, you know, you get married, have kids and you really don't have time for anything, you know?!"

NOW, Mike is making time, under the encouragement of his wife, he recently quit his job of ten years to focus on himself and his family, which brings us to one of Mike's two children.

He's been worried that she might become a heavy contender, too.

"I'm glad. She needs to be doing something and I'm glad she's interested and this is really a good way to get fit. So, I think it'll be good for both of us," Tyson said.

And getting back to that whole "Mike Tyson" thing, well there are now even more similarities than just the name.

"Boxing is GREAT! Let me tell you, it's wonderful!" Tyson said.

So far, our Mike Tyson has lost almost 14 and a half pounds, second only to the other ShapeUp ShowDown contestant, also named Mike, who's lost a little over 17 pounds.

Mike "T" says his weight loss has had one side effect that his wife probably doesn't care for, his wedding ring has actually gotten too big! He plans to get it re-sized very soon!

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