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ShapeUp ShowDown: Meet a contestant working through a weight-loss plateau

(WMC-TV) – In the first weigh-in several weeks ago, this ShapeUp ShowDown contestant actually gained muscle weight. In the most recent weigh-in, she was on the losing end; down nearly 7 pounds, but not nearly as much as 100 pounds she managed to lose on her own!

When the ShapeUp ShowDown came along, she had reached a plateau, which is why she and a co-worker/friend decided to sign up to "shape up."

Sonja Ross said, "Been overweight my whole life. High blood pressure, sleep apnea, things like that. And woke up...just got sick and tired of that."

Reasons enough to want to slim down and get healthy, but Ross had an even greater motivating force to help her lose 100 pounds.

"Originally, what made me wanna lose weight was the fact that I was trying to donate my kidney to my father, and I wasn't able to because of my weight. So, that really opened my eyes to my current health situation and here I am," explained Ross.

She's more than 100 pounds lighter, thanks to ShapeUp Showdown.

But, the 33-year-old wife and mother of two boys and one girl says after the first 100 the weight loss stopped.

She said, "I was hoping that this would get things moving again so I can reach my goals. I would like to lose 70 more pounds but, realistically, if I can just get under 200 pounds, that would be perfect for me."

Things are so far, so good for the Chicago native and ShapeUp ShowDown.

"You know, I had to tweak my diet a lot. I'm learning a lot with the ShapeUp ShowDown about my diet and how it affects because even though you work out, if your diet is not consistent and in order, then you still won't lose weight," Ross said.

Sonja still hopes to one day be a kidney donor for her father and now that she's more active there's also a more competitive goal to reach!

"My husband is very active; I just wanna beat him at something. That is my ultimate goal to be able to beat him at something," she said.

Sonja says her children love their new mom who takes them to the park all the time now and rides bike with them too, which she says, is "awesome."

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