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Several new laws begin in 2014 for the Mid-South

(WMC-TV) – New laws rolled in with 2014; starting January 1, Tennesseans, Mississippians, and Arkansans will have new laws to consider.

In Tennessee, a new law could boost the state's revenue by millions of dollars and bring jobs. will begin collecting sales taxes in Tennessee after a deal struck with the administration of former Governor Phil Bredesen. Amazon had been absolved from collecting the state sales tax.

Customers were responsible for paying them on their own to the state Department of Revenue, but Governor Bill Haslam made a deal with Amazon that required it to begin collecting sales tax in Tennessee in 2014.

The company will also build two distribution centers in Hamilton and Bradley counties, creating about 3,500 jobs.

Democrat Kenny Wayne Jones said, "Any grade school child will tell you that the legislature makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law and the judiciary interprets the laws."

After heated debate in the state of Mississippi over the Open Carry Law, both legislatures in Tennessee and Mississippi passed laws. These new laws allow Tennesseans to carry a concealed gun in their car and Mississippians can also pack heat inside public buildings as long as they have an enhanced carry permit.

Republican Mississippi Representative Andy Gipson said, "A lot of people were getting ready to go wild, wild west today, but it's not going to happen."

Another new law in Mississippi starting January 1st, you'll have to show you photo identification to vote, conjugal visits for Mississippi inmates were abolished, and Mississippi students' summer vacations will last longer.

Schools will now have to start on or after the third Monday in August, according to state legislators.

Arkansas residents will also be required to show photo id when they go to vote.

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