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Record breaking cold

Parts of New England are already seeing temperatures well below zero, including overnight readings of 30 below in East Brighton, Vermont and 36 below in Allagash, Maine.  And much of the Midwest and the South will be sharing in the misery over the next couple of days, as some very cold air from the North Pole makes its way into the United States.
By Monday morning, western and central Kentucky could see temperatures below zero, which will break records.  Forecasters are calling for readings as low as 30 below zero in Fargo, North Dakota, and 35 below in International Falls, Minnesota. Sunday's NFL playoff game in Green Bay, Wisconsin, could be one of the coldest ever played with readings as low as -20.
Schools have already been closed Monday across Minnesota, the first statewide closing in 17 years because of the extreme low temperatures that are on the way.  When people in the St. Louis area head back to work Monday morning, they could be dealing with a wind chill of 25 below zero. Compared to wind chills of -75 below that are possible in the northern plains (Fargo & International Falls), that will seem manageable.


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