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Couple home from vacation finds deer inside house

(WMC-TV) - It is a homeowners' worst fear. Returning home from vacation and finding out that an intruder left your house in disarray.

When Chad and Leigh Smith got home to Covington with their three kids and dog, they were hoping to relax. But when they rounded a corner in their house, they found a deer sitting in their living room.

"He [Chad] came in first, stopped us, and said, 'We have a deer in the house,' and he told us to get out," Leigh recalled.

"I looked down and a head pops up, and it's a little doe sitting there," said Chad.

In a video Chad Smith shot with his cell phone, you can't see the deer, but you can see the bloody mess and broken windows it left behind.

"When she saw me, that's when she went nuts, running into the wall, hitting the TV, hitting the windows," said Chad. "It looked like a small murder scene with blood all over the windows, the floor, the furniture, the TV."

"We're going to try and salvage our area rug but some of our leather furniture isn't going to make it," said Leigh.

A game warden showed up to the house and let the deer out a back door. Shortly afterward, she dropped dead in the yard. The game warden believes stress from the series of events led to a heart attack.

**Warning... the extra photos of the scene may be disturbing to some.**

Click here to see the damage the deer caused to the Smiths' home.

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