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Survivor recalls being stabbed in New Year's attack

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Chuck Davis is recovering from several stab wounds. Chuck Davis is recovering from several stab wounds.

An act of heroism in the spur of the moment nearly cost a man his life. After he was violently attacked while trying to save a child, Chuck Davis talked to Channel 4 News about what he's been through.

Davis says he had to do something on New Year's night when his sister-in-law, Crystal Carranza, and her boyfriend, Mario Estrada, were allegedly intoxicated and tried to leave Davis' Leoma home with Carranza's infant daughter and another child.

When Davis stepped in, he was stabbed over and over again.

Carranza and Estrada are now jailed in Maury County after they led deputies on a high-speed chase across two counties following the stabbing.

And after days in the hospital, Davis is now recovering at home with his children and lucky to be alive.

"I have a totally different view on things. You think you'd come out of something like this and you'd feel hate in your heart, but you don't," Davis said.

Davis was stabbed in the neck, face and hands as he stepped in on behalf of the children.

"Who's going to speak for them? There wasn't nobody speaking for them when they came to my house, but there was going to be somebody speaking for them when they was leaving, and that was me," Davis said.

He says he's always stood firm against drinking and driving.

"Stay at home," he said. "Don't endanger people's lives for your good time. It's not worth it."

And now that he's home from the hospital, he says there is a lesson to be learned in all of this.

"Violence really ain't the way to solve nothing," Davis said.

Still, despite all that he has gone through, Davis doesn't feel bad for himself.

"You come out of this just thankful of everything you've got and everything you've been blessed with," he said.

He said he even feels bad for his alleged attackers.

"I can look at Mario and Crystal going to jail, and I see how much they're losing. They really lost a lot more than I did. I'm still here," he said.

With incredible resolve, he's now focused on moving past the pain.

"I forgive them for myself. I forgive them so I don't have hate in my heart," Davis said.

Davis' family has set up a fund to help him recover since he can't work right now and has hospital bills to pay.

If you want to help, you can make a donation in care of the Davis Family fund at any Suntrust Bank.

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