Police investigate the mystery of a missing Cordova woman

Crime scene tape surrounds this home in Cordova's shingle oaks subdivision. Neighbors are extremely concerned. "Well I don't know if a crime happened you figure something bad happened," said neighbor Phil Sever. Other neighbors are troubled because blood covers the garage door and floor and the woman who lives here hasn't been seen for nearly 24 hours. "Somebody came into the house today and they found blood in the house and they can't find her." As neighbors watched in disbelief Homicide investigators sealed off the house, and began searching for clues. "Where is my daughter," asked Franco Guggetta. While police searched, the woman's father showed up at the house visibly upset, he tried to go in the house but police told him and investigation was going on and asked him to wait outside. "She moved into the house about a month ago." Neighbors say the woman who lives here is named Givonna Eagan. They say Eagan had only lived in the neighborhood a short time. Apparently the last know conversation she had was on the phone with a friend Saturday night. So again, details are sketchy but we have learned that police have put out a description of the woman's car and are looking for the car and the woman right now.