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Bang for Your Buck: Six ways to save on medical bills

(WMC-TV) – We are entering a whole new world of Health Care with the Affordable Care Act. This Bang for Your Buck segment focuses on six ways to save on your medical bills in 2014, according to the Consumer Health Alliance.

1. Know What to Expect

Employees who work for companies that do not offer health insurance plans can purchase their own insurance. People with limited income may qualify for subsidies. And, those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage or have premiums increased.

2. Join a Discount Health Plan

These plans can supplement your insurance; saving you money on out-of-pocket health costs and services. In exchange for a monthly fee, you get a membership, a list of in-network providers, and a discount anywhere from 20 percent to 60 percent on services.

3. Go Beyond

For example, does for medical procedures what Kelly Blue Book does for cars. Another one which compares medication prices at local pharmacies, among other things.

4. Chat with Your Pharmacist

On average they do have a 6-year degree. If you're taking several medications talk with them about a "pill review" to see if there are any duplications, complications or recommendations for generic medications without changing treatment.

5. Avoid the Emergency Room

The average visit to the ER costs more than $2,000. Make a same-day appointment with your primary care doctor or check out an urgent care center instead.

6. Triple-Check Your Bill

Did you know that roughly eight out of ten medical bills contain errors? Mistakes happen all the time. Don't let it happen to you.

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