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Governor Phil Bryant reflects on two years in office

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two years down and two to go. Governor Phil Bryant is reflecting on the newest pages in the state's history books.

"We've had a very aggressive first two years. First year was all about economic development. Second year it was all about the economy, including 9 energy bills that will move us forward," explained Bryant.

But he has a message for the legislature.

"It is time for us to implement those bills. We do not need to come to the legislature and try to pass another 200 bills each year just because we think that's what the legislature ought to do," said Bryant.

Many of the laws from the first year were aimed at putting Mississippians to work. Bryant has gone to several industry announcements in two years. He's watched nearly 9,000 jobs be added in the private sector.

"We've been able to make a dramatic change in how we go about going out to companies and saying from around the world, we'd like for you to come to the state of Mississippi," he described.

Education took much of the attention for the 2013 session.

"Transformational change in the education system: charter schools, third grade gate, merit pay for teachers, opportunity scholarships for children who want to become teachers," Bryant said as he went through the list of education reforms.

Still, Bryant wants to make the next two years productive.

"We are just getting started. We're adding all of this success to a new program we're moving forward with our strategic plan so Mississippians will know where we need to be at the end of this term and into the future," said Bryant.

The strategic plan will build on the reforms that are in place and keep pushing to change ongoing problems.

With money matters,  Governor Bryant would like to keep moving toward more performance based budgeting. It would hold agencies accountable for their spending and link dollars to success.

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