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Shoppers witness “smash & grab” at Wolfchase Galleria

(WMC-TV) – Sunday afternoon, the only sign of trouble at Wolfchase Galleria was a clean-up from a smash and grab Saturday night.

"It was right in front of us," said shopper Ellen Hudson.  "I wish I could just draw it so somebody else could see what I saw, except for I don't know if I would want anybody else to see it."

Hudson and her boyfriend Tommy Clark were right across from Reed's Jeweler when the chaos started.

"I thought it was a flash mob and I was like 'come on here in the middle of the mall here'," said Clark.  "And I saw guys with hammer, pounding on the glass and somebody beating on the glass and that's when I realize this is bad."

"I did hear a loud noise, it was like a huge 'paw paw paw' and so I can understand how people can think it was gun shots.  That's actually how I initially turned around," Hudson stated.

Police say just after 7:30 Saturday, they received a call of "shots fired" in the mall.  When arrived they found no shots had been fired, but instead, the sound of glass shattering inside the jewelry store.

"What I saw was very put together, both hands were used," explained Hudson.  "They were spread out, it wasn't just 5 guys, one case.  It was five guys one store, everybody else running away."

Police says the suspects got away with 65 Rolex watches, valued at $11,000 each.

All in a matter of seconds, the suspects threw the watches in pillow cases and ran out two entrances.

Sunday afternoon, employees were inside the story cleaning up the mess.  Black plastic bags were placed over the Rolex case.  Shoppers were stopping, looking for signs of what happened inside.

Hudson and Clark are just glad it wasn't worse.

"The more I talk about it the more I think to myself 'that was so bizarre, that was wild, I've never seen anything like that before'," Clark said.

A Wolfchase Galleria spokesperson had no further comment on the incident.  Employees at Reed's were too busy for comment.

Police says at this time surveillance video is not available.

If you have any information that could lead an arrest, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH or go to the Crime Stoppers website here:

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