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Bang for Your Buck: Saving on energy efficient light bulbs

(WMC-TV) – One of the biggest changes shoppers will see in the New Year is the disappearance of the light bulbs we have all used for more than century.

When they're gone they're gone.

Those bulbs are expensive but Andrew Douglas has found a way to get more Bang for Your Buck when looking for new light bulbs.

Say goodbye to the light bulbs that date back to Thomas Edison. As of January 1, 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs are banned, and can no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States.

This follows last year's phase out of 75 and 100 watt bulbs.

It's angering a lot of people who don't like blue-looking CFL bulbs, according to Home Depot's Roger Gabel.

"A lot of people don't like the color, they don't like the light it gives off, they don't like the shape, the weird thing. People like the familiar shape of the light bulb, they've known it for years, they are comfortable with it," Gabel said.

There's now good news if you're not fans of those squiggly bulbs; stores are rapidly switching to LED bulbs.

They look like old fashioned incandescent bulbs, but will save energy and last for years.

Gabel said, "It's built to look like a regular bulb, it's a shape people are comfortable with, everybody likes this bulb, it's what people grew up with."

Until this year, LEDs cost about $20 each, but the good news is that a new LED bulb from Cree sold at Home Depot costs just $9.

Prices are expected to fall even more in the months ahead. They look like standard bulbs, and give off a warm light, not like the cold blue of a CFL.

If you love the old incandescent, you might want to snap some up now before they are gone.

Falling prices on the new LEDs may soon make soon make you forget about old fashioned bulbs.

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