Andy, Will It Work? iGrill

Andy, Will It Work? iGrill


The iGrill by iDevices, $80-90, is a wireless cooking thermometer. It connects wirelessly to your iPod, iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth and the iGrill's app, a free download via ITunes.

While the iGrill probes the food on your grill outside, you monitor the cooking temperatures inside -- right on your smart device's screen -- so you can watch the game instead of the grill.

"Like I would normally have to do and miss a touchdown pass," said Preston Jones, owner of PJ Pools, a Mid-South pool/outdoor kitchen builder. His company features the Grill Dome ceramic smoker/cooker.

Jones helped us test the iGrill, using it to monitor a fast, direct-heat cooking of chicken breasts, then a slow, indirect-heat grilling of pork tenderloin.

Set to alert us at each meat's desired cooking temperature (170 F for chicken, 160 F for pork), the iGrill monitored the cooking temperatures in real time -- even down to a line graph that tracked fluctuations and a handy gauge that calculated how many minutes remained until the target temperature.

That gauge was so accurate, it virtually rendered the iGrill's built-in timer unnecessary -- except for knowing when to flip the meat.

During both cooking sessions, we did not monitor the meats. We only flipped them half-way through their normal cooking times, then simply watched the temperatures rise on our iPad.

The iGrill's app set off an alarm once it hit the target temperature.

A standard, calibrated meat thermometer proved the iGrill's probe hit the right temperatures -- and so did the tenderness of our chicken and pork!

"Tender and juicy," said Jones. "That's easy. That's awesome!"

The iGrill is a WISE BUY.

Its single drawback is it is only compatible with the iPod Touch (2nd, 3rd & 4th generations), the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the iPad 2 and the original iPad.

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