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ShapeUp ShowDown: Meet the trainers

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(WMC-TV) – If you've ever worked with a personal trainer you know how hard they can work you when you're trying to get into shape. It's no different for our ShapeUp ShowDown contestants who've been under the "tutelage" of not one, but three men who've pushed them beyond their limits.

Kevin Botwinick, a personal trainer of at least 15 years, has spent the past few months leading the ShapeUp ShowDown contestants through boxing and fitness workouts.

He was first inspired to take up boxing by the movie "Rocky." Now, this Rocky-inspired trainer finds inspiration from his latest students.

Botwinick said, "It's been awesome for me. I'm getting to watch these students change their lives, dropping weight, losing inches, gaining confidence."

Chiropractor Alan James, certified in sports injury and rehabilitation, leads the ShapeUp crew through their circuit training and kickboxing workouts.

James' desire to help people get in shape came from a lifetime of watching his mother battle her own weight issues.


He said, "Because I've been able to watch people go from not being able to do certain things and now they see themselves and they feel themselves being able to do those things now.

The trainer the ShapeUp contestants say was the toughest, also happens to be the youngest of the trainers.

Zachary Lee told Action News 5, "If it's too easy, they're never gonna go anywhere and they're not going to build themselves up more and more. So you have to more intense. You do 10 push-ups one day, do 20 the next day."

Lee says most of his training experience was with athletes before ShapeUp ShowDown, so in order to better understand what his new students were going through; he purposefully gained about 30 pounds, for better perspective.

All of the trainers gained new insight about themselves and for their craft through ShapeUp ShowDown.

Now, they want to take on Memphis' image problem of being labeled one of the "fattest" cities in the nation.

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