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MS bill could allow school employees to carry guns

(WMC-TV) - Guns in classrooms. It is a topic that could affect that safety of your children at school.

House Bill 64 would give superintendents the power to allow willing teachers and employees to have a concealed weapons, as long as they have the proper certification and training.

There are 33,000 students in DeSoto County Schools and district leaders are tasked with keeping all of them out of harm's way.

"I do feel like most of the schools are safe," said parent Brenda Rogers.

With recent school shootings across the country, parents like Brenda Rogers and Paul Dieckhaus know how important safety is.

"They actually go through practice drills, so at least they're covering it with the children," said Dieckhaus.

"I do feel like most of the schools are safe," said Rogers.

But a new proposal could arm teachers or employees with concealed weapons on campus as long as they are willing and certified permit holders with hours of training.

If the bill passes, the decision would be in the hands of each school district's superintendent.

Supporters say the measure would give schools an extra line of defense, but others were concerned about what could happen if a gun were on campus, even in the hands of a trusted person like a teacher.

"Well the only concern I would have is if a couple people tried to jump on the teacher and take the gun away," said Rogers.

DeSoto County Schools issued a statement about the proposed bill saying:

"We do not discuss any aspect of our safety plan. We don't want our opinions to fall into the wrong hands. If this bill is passed and becomes law, this will continue to be our policy. We will deal with it, but we won't talk about it."

Now, lawmakers in Jackson are still debating House Bill 64.

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