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How to heat your home without breaking the bank


Homeowner Joshua Simon doesn't want another massive electric bill.

"I had a $347 bill last month, so I need to seal up my whole basement," he said.

With more cold air moving into the Midstate, Simon went to the Home Depot in Green Hills for an economical solution.

"My house can't stay warm without it insulated in the basement. It's just going to be a constant struggle, so I might as well spend the upfront money right now and save it on the back-end," he said.

Simon is not alone in wanting to avoid expensive heating bills.

Paul Sharpe with Home Depot says it's important to look for any cracks around your windows and doors.

"Grab and go's now would be the draft stops. Obviously, you can use for doors or windows," Sharpe said.

As many work to keep the cold out of their homes, energy companies are preparing to keep your heat on.

The Tennessee Valley Authority provides power to most local power companies throughout the region. During the last cold snap, so many turned up their heat that TVA Spokesperson Scott Brooks says a record usage was set during a 24-hour period.

"We basically were running every single unit of every kind that we had available to meet the demand, and we were able to do that, but we're expecting to have to do the same thing again later on this week," Brooks said.

Brooks warns that when the thermostat is turned up above 68 degrees, consumers can prepare for their bills to go up.

Taking towels or blankets and placing them at the base of doors can also keep drafts out and save money.

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