Mailbox Theft Warning for Germantown Residents

A consumer alert tonight for some Mid-Southerners: keep an eye on your mail. Germantown police say several people have reported thefts from their mailboxes. Police say the thefts are happening in the areas of Plantation Circle and Cedar Ridge. Witnesses say a "nicely dressed" man and woman are stealing from boxes in those communities, and may be driving a brown or tan Nissan Altima with TN temporary tags. If you have any information that could help police track down the suspects, call the Germantown Police Department at 754-7222.

Here's how officers say you can help protect yourself against mail theft: Do not leave outgoing mail in your unlocked mailbox. Promptly pick up your incoming mail once it is delivered to your home. Consider having regular income checks deposited electronically into your bank account via Direct Deposit.