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Fire out at New Albany bio-diesel plant

(WMC-TV) –The fire is finally out at the JNS Biofuels plant in New Albany, Mississippi and investigators can begin working to figure out what caused three separate explosions at the plant.

Things should get back to normal Friday for people in Union County. Highway 15 is scheduled to re-open at 6 a.m. and New Albany schools are back in session.

Curt Clayton with Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) says they had to let the fire burn out enough before firefighters could get close enough to apply about 20,000 gallons of water and around 100 gallons of foam.

MEMA began surveys Thursday to figure out what may have caused the explosions and fire.

Clayton said during a press conference there have been a total of three explosions at the bio-diesel facility, the most recent happening at 5 a.m. Thursday.

The plant's purpose is to turn substances like chicken fat into bio-diesel. That all changed when fire broke out Wednesday, causing an explosion at the plant that could be heard, seen, and felt for miles.

"When this first started we didn't think it was this big, then the second explosion, which was yesterday, prevented us from doing what we're doing today," said Clayton. "I was thinking we made the right decision by letting it burn out and not having anybody down there."

Clayton said they do not know what caused the fire at this time. Two JNS Biofuels employees were at the plant Wednesday morning, but they were not injured.

"They had two employees on site at the time of the fire when it started out, but they got off the site before the explosion," he said.

The plant has no history of problems in the seven or eight years it has been in operation in New Albany.

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