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MY TURN: RDC employees' high salaries

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(WMC-TV) - The Riverfront Development Corporation is back in the news this week. RDC is the group that's charged with developing and maintaining the Memphis riverfront. Nine months ago, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton was questioning whether the high salaries paid to RDC employees were delivering a good value to taxpayers, and it seems today, that question remains on the table.

Reports indicate that RDC will be running a budget deficit for years to come. There's certainly the possibility that city leaders will ask the council for more tax dollars to cover RDC's shortfall. We've all heard this one before, right? Just like all of the other wonderful development opportunities that Memphis has, you can't really argue against the importance of making something valuable out of our riverfront. The bigger question facing Memphis city leaders is one of focus. All of these opportunities are good. What would be great is the leadership and vision to map out an overall development strategy for the city that we can afford.

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