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Judge denies new trial for Jody Byrd

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L-R: Jody and Desta Byrd. Source: WBRC video/family photo L-R: Jody and Desta Byrd. Source: WBRC video/family photo

A Bibb County judge has denied a new trial for a man convicted in the shooting death of his wife.

Last month, Jody Byrd was sentenced to 99 years for shooting and killing his wife, Desta, in 1999. Byrd's attorney says the legal team will continue the appeals process.

Blount County DA Pamela Casey prosecuted the case.

"The state has always been confident in the evidence and confident in the jury's verdict and confident in Jody Byrd's guilt. So this is just one more step closer to finally bringing closure to Desta's family," she said.

For nearly a decade a group called Justice for Desta set out to find her killer. Desta's murder remained unsolved until new evidence surfaced in 2011. That's when authorities arrested Jody Byrd and charged him with murder.

Byrd claims his wife committed suicide while prosecutors contend Byrd killed his wife for insurance money.

"It's really a shame that he was on the streets for 14 years after he killed his wife and that he essentially attempted to dupe his family, her family. And sadly at the very end of this when it came time for his to go to trial he started pointing the finger at everyone other than himself," Casey said.

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