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Group prays for those serving time in Shelby Co. jail

(WMC-TV) – Hundreds of people joined hands around the Shelby County Jail located at 201 Poplar Saturday morning to pray for the inmates inside.

Organizer and Pastor Ralph White said they are "praying to set them free; that they can find reconciliation be brought back into society."

It's the third year for the Hands Around 201 event that is organized by the group Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives or FFUN.

People from all walks of life prayed to drive out the demons that drive inmates to commit crimes.

White said, "We feel that this is a place where every spirit that we're praying against is housed in this facility."

The grandson of Mahatma Ghandhi was in Memphis and stumbled across the event.

"Locking up people in prison is not the solution. We have to start focusing on the problems that make people do wrong things," said Arun Ghandhi.

Organizers say since the first Hands Around 201 they have seen results from the power of prayer.

"We've seen it happen, young guys or gang members who come and even join the church because of what we've done here," explained Pastor White.

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