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Bang for Your Buck: Automobile repairs and maintenance

(WMC-TV) – People are keeping their cars or trucks longer than ever before. You don't have to know a lot about cars and trucks to get more Bang for Your Buck on repairs and maintenance, but a little knowledge goes a long way to saving hundreds!

1.  Read the owner's manual

Familiarize yourself with the scheduled maintenance guide for your vehicle. You'll learn how and when to best spend your limited maintenance dollars.

2.  Find a reputable auto repair shop

Ask family, coworkers, and friends or go online to Yelp. A good shop will have certified technicians on staff, where you can ask questions.

3.  Do preventative maintenance

A good way to test a shop is to go in when you're ready for an oil change and oil filter. That is one of the most worthwhile preventative maintenance steps you can take. It also provides an opportunity to ask more questions prompted by your owner's manual.

4.  Know the usual charges for car repairs in your area

Two websites to check out and They provide a range of fair price estimates in your zip code.

5.  Heed warning signs

If the check engine light comes on, get it checked within a few days. It may be something simple, but it could be something very serious. Don't wait.

6.  If you have time, buy discount parts on the Internet

Websites like AutoBarn, and AutoPartsWarehouse will sell you parts at very competitive prices. Check to see if they charge for shipping or a state sales tax.

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