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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Southaven Waffle House

(WMC-TV) - A Mississippi health inspector cited a Southaven Waffle House not only for significant health code violations but also for a manager's incompetence.

The Waffle House location, 406 Church Rd. West in Southaven, rated a "C" grade on its Feb. 3 Mississippi health department inspection. A "C" is the lowest grade a Mississippi restaurant can earn.

According to Mississippi Department of Health Environmentalist Palisha Campbell's report:

..."person in charge present demonstrates knowledge and performs duty: NOT IN COMPLIANCE"

..."hands cleaned and properly washed:  NOT IN COMPLIANCE"

..."adequate hand-washing facilities:  NOT IN COMPLIANCE"

..."food received at proper temperature:  NOT OBSERVED"

The report does not name the 'person in charge' at the time of the inspection.

On our behalf, Waffle House's corporate communications office in suburban Atlanta contacted Roger Turner, the Church Road location's owner.

He issued this statement:

"We make every effort to provide a clean, safe environment for all customers and associates. Any problems identified by customers or the Health Department are fully investigated and appropriate corrective action is taken immediately. In regards to this particular location, the appropriate steps have been taken to ensure this restaurant meets health and sanitation standards."

The location upgraded to a "B" on re-inspection Feb. 5.


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