Food For Thought -- October 21, 2004


JJ's Hawaiian Ice

5980 Bartlett

Score: 68

-Toxic items stored on shelf with food.

-Frost buildup in chest freezer

-Dirty toilet

-Hose connected to faucet outside with no back flow device

Panda Buffet

6479 Winchester

Score: 67

-Chicken sitting on prep table at 52 degrees

-Air vent dirty over prep cooler

-Chicken and shrimp uncovered

High 5 Scores

One Block North

645 Marble

Score: 96


4725 Showcase Blvd.

Score: 95


4768 Knight Arnold

Score: 95

Fox Ridge Pizza

1769 Germantown Parkway

Score: 95

C & S lounge

4148 Wales

Score: 94